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If you purchase a puppy from us, and would like to leave us a review. Please send your review to We will frame it up and add it to this page. Thank you!

Please include a 1-5 star review, 5 being the best.

We couldn't be happier with our whole experience and continued support and advise we got from Lori and her family. The facilities are clean and organized. Puppies are very healthy. I would highly recommend them for giving one of their fur babies a forever home. Thank you again! We love our Kimbo and Kylo!

- Bob K

Hello, my name is Jan Kromer and I live in Kansas. I have purchased two amazing Pomsky puppies from Lori, little Ace and Jewel. These puppies are absolutely perfect and I could not have asked for two more beautiful and well cared for puppies anywhere. The first conversation Lori and I had over the phone ended up being a very lengthy chat because we just instantly connected and we're very like-minded. It was easy to tell from the beginning that she was an amazing person that truly loves her dogs and only gives them the best of everything. I wanted to get to know more about this lady and the more I got to know about her the more I felt I was really blessed to have her come into my life. We quickly realized that this must have been a Divine appointment. I really just can't put into words all of the wonderful things I would love to be able to share with you about her. She has truly one of the biggest hearts and her kindness and compassion really shines through. Not only have I had the pleasure to get to know Lori as a person I have gotten to know how she raises her babies. These are the luckiest fur babies who get to be cared for and raised in her home. Not only does Lori provide them with anything and everything these babies ever need or want but she takes the extra time to give them her attention and also do important training with them which I really don't know if that is something a lot of other breeders provide because we are so busy just trying to keep them clean and cared for it really requires someone to have that special heart to want to put in that even more extra time that it takes. I just want to share that not only is it hard I think to find a dog breeder that gives everything that Lori does with her amazing puppies but just to even find such an all-around wonderful person anymore I just don't run across that very often sadly. I absolutely value her as a new friend and a fellow breeder beyond what I can put here into words. Because she is so amazing she has become one of my dearest friends and I am looking forward to not only getting more puppies from her but sharing Life experiences along this journey called life. Jan Kromer 

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